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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I store my Vinaigrettes?
Please keep them in a cool place in your pantry.  There is no need to keep them in the refrigerator, if you do the Olive Oil at the top will partially solidify and look white and fatty.  If this happens, simply remove the vinaigrette from the refrigerator and allow it to come slowly up to room temperature.

What type of Olive Oil do you use in the Vinaigrettes?

We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Aside from Salad Dressing, what else can you use your Dressings for?

  • All our Dressings can be used almost anywhere.
  • Drizzle them over steamed vegetables instead of a cheese or white sauce.
  • Use the Ras el Hanout Dressing in an egg salad or pour over a poached egg and you’re beginning your own version of Eggs Benedict .
  • The Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing makes a great pasta salad or a base for a nice piece of steak.
  • Herb Dressing – makes a great potato or kumara salad.

Do you really make everything by hand in small batches?
Yes we do.  When we make the Vinaigrettes, we make nine 375ml bottles in each batch.
Our batches of Chutney, Sauce and Jam are a bit bigger, we make about 15 to 17 litres at a time.

Do you supply to retail outlets on a wholesale basis?
Yes we do.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in wholesale purchases.

How much freight do you charge?
Firstly we only send orders within New Zealand.
For purchases from our webstore, we do not charge freight on orders over $50, and for orders under $50 we just charge $6.  This is for all orders anywhere in New Zealand.

Why don’t you send overseas?
Because it is a timely and expensive process, with the chance of a successful delivery about 50%. 

Further, all countries have different customs laws and we may face different liability risks.

This is a pretty nice website, who built it for you?
Our kind and gracious Step-Mother, Sharon Cox.  You can contact Sharon at

Where do you source your ingredients from?
As local as possible starting with some fruit we grow ourselves.  The majority of our fruit comes from within the Waikato area and where we have a choice, we will select New Zealand grown fruit.

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