Black Raspberry Vinaigrette  – Gluten free & Handmade in New Zealand. 

Unfortunately, black raspberry had a poor growing season last summer with very little produce being picked as a result.

While we have every intention of making the product again it will not be until we have new fruit which will be around the end of this year.

Not the news any of us want to hear but it is, after all, a product subject prevailing climatic conditions.

Please look out for it again late this year.

375 ml [Out of Stock]

1.6l [Out of Stock]

When one bottle just isn’t enough….the 1.6 litre is the equivalent of just over 4 bottles. Real value for money.

Black Raspberry Vinaigrette is a dressing for all types of salads, including Potato Salads, Bean Salads, and cold Roast Vege Salads.

– They add life to winter salads – especially with Haloumi Cheese and a few Pine Nuts.
– Drizzle over steamed vegetables – quicker than making a cheese sauce
– Splash through a Stir-Fry
– A marinade for meat
– Use to poach fish
– A baste for fish and chicken prior to smoking
– Splash in an oven bag with a roast chicken
– Fill the hollow of an avocado and enjoy
– Flavour boost for gravy



Weight 0.375 g

1.6 litre Flagon, 250ml bottle, 375ml wine bottle


  1. Kim

    Yum Yum Yum – fantastic and any salad., hot potatoes and basically anything like bread!

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